Webinar One: Business Continuity Planning

A brief workshop looking at the high level responses to the COVID -19 pandemic from a business continuity perspective. Russell will talk through the current situation, the principles of Business Continuity Planning and how they can be applied to a fast moving event. Importantly, there will be direct reference our current situation with COVID-19 and the fast moving change it is bringing. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions at the conclusion, Russell will remain after the presentation is complete.

Webinar Three: Communications in a Crisis

After an intro from CEDA Business Growth Advisor, Mary-Ellen Steele, join Lizi Guest as she covers practical marketing and communications strategies to support you through the crisis and hit the ground running for what comes next. The webinar will cover; communicating in a crisis and where to start; how we can go back to basics, and why knowing your audience is more important than ever; five questions to ask yourself before you talk to staff, customers and stakeholders; what to do when you can't do anything; and how to start an action plan for an uncertain future

Webinar Two: Financial Management

Following an introduction from CEDA Business Growth Advisor, Carl Baker, Rahui Corbett of Morrison and Creed will provide you with practical cash flow survival strategies to get you through the COVID-19 crisis. You’ll get actionable advice on cash flow solutions including managing customer and suppliers, Government assistance, guidance on debt structure, and creating an action plan. 

Webinar Four: Resilient Leadership in Uncertain Times

After an intro from CEDA Business Growth Advisor, Mary-Ellen Steele, join Wellbeing Specialist Lauren Parsons, as she covers practical strategies to support you as a leader through the crisis. The webinar will cover; Why your personal resilience as a leader matters more now than ever; Keys to building a resilient mindset and traps to avoid; How to increase your Emotional Intelligence to respond, not react, and perform at your best even during a crisis; The biggest challenge your team faces and how to overcome it.